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Leaving school in the eighties, I was functionally illiterate. I began a poetry course in 2000, and my writing greatly improved; but not my reading. However, the latter became a great strength, because it "clicked" that life experiences grow our wisdom the cliched hard way, whilst books and/or parents can only offer knowledge. This is crucial, because it means that individuals can rediscover truths, strengthen our collective faith, and ultimately, widen the scope of commonsense.

I suggest we shun group mentalities, and become individuals. Please see my "I am" book and my free essay "No - a shortcut to assertiveness". The latter might be a helpful adjunct to the former.

(FROM 29/01/24 my new "Three Promises" is in my bookshop. I get a token £1 GBP whatever book is bought from there).

I risked being completely open by sharing ideas over the internet. Validations Consequentially arrived, because it turned out, significant people had reached my conclusions, crucially, without my prior knowledge... (See the Gallery).

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