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The certificate below illustrates my reading and writing issues. Of the two, my reading just never got better. I tried to quantify a level. Based on the certificate, I discovered it was lower intermediate. According to ChatGPT, that equates to a level of coping with a simplified version of "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" or "Alice in Wonderland". My 2nd wife read the latter when she was six.  

This skills deficit led me into work as a computer programmer, whether I liked it or not. Thankfully, at the same time I channeled my skills with patterns and symbols into piano. I became an advanced, post grade 8, sight-reader at the instrument.

Grade 1
 CSE was equivalent to a borderline Ordinary level pass, i.e., 'O' level grade 'C', and as English language, that level is still required for university.

The point of this page should be clear, however, in my entire life, with very few exceptions indeed, I have not had the benefit of reading books. I'd estimate 90% of what I know, in the humanities and psychology, etc., I've gained directly from life experiences; memories, cross references, introspection, trial and error, watching others, and WRITING IT ALL DOWN !!

In terms of culture, I cannot claim that Jesus Christ has had no impact on me. I don't think there has been anyone, brought up in a broadly Judeo-Christian culture, that can claim their entire 100% of mental and emotional make-up, was down to themselves alone

CSE exams certificate, 1984
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