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I discovered these MEMEs after writing "I_am". Click them for my thoughts... and yours?

This is me talking about creativity to strangers. I'm in "Gullivers" in Manchester's Northern Quarter, on the 26th of July 2022, and my words were extremely well received.
I finished on my own final poem "When I changed"; the last word of which, is "
HELL". I've written no poems since.

On 22/02/23 I spoke on Zoom at a Royal Society of Arts Northern Engage event. I was new to Zoom, talking about individuality and the notion of mavericks. My minimal feedback showed one person missed the point, but I hope others got it. Here's a close TRANSCRIPT of my piece.

The next video is very important. Sadhguru addresses a group about their knowledge of self at the deepest level. Many people answer such a question, relative to external factors often outside of their control. That's a diametric position to this website; which tries to insists our paths should involve inner measures, including those echoed in my own independently conceived
"I am" book.
One night in my early 20s, I burst out of sleep. I was full of the profoundest realisation that I didn't know who I was. That's very stressful by the way. It took me two decades of non-conventionality to resolve it. So, it was an actual, rather than proverbial, "long story", but I began writing everything down. You can find lots for free, on, or one step, from this website. I earnestly hope it helps you.

The italics below accompanied the corresponding short video, when I shared it on Facebook.
This is exactly where I get to at the end of my 800 page "EVERYTHING" book. On page 795, there's a brief piece titled 'A final thought : "Love is ahead of itself..."', which is followed on pages 796 to 800 with my attempts to write Koans. The reason I end on these is precisely the same reason that I believe OSHO says in this video, that he is all about confusing people. I suggest in my book, that long-term consideration of essentially nonsense, through Koans, might shift the mind from its obsession with the objective, and move it to the subjective. A major submersion in the arts ought to also help. Or you can continue to find neat categories for every little part of your life, and see how healthy that keeps you.
The full 16:17 video is on YouTube -

The video below features Jim Carrey demonstrating the famous adage,
many a true word is spoken in jest!"

I love this next short video. It's taken from within a larger one on YouTube, that was Recorded at the findhorn foundation in August 2016, Doshin Roshi asks a group of people,
who are you?"

I wanted to share a full length talk by Jordan Peterson about Pinocchio, but that would be very long.
You can find many of his interpretations of stories on YouTube. His answer to this question
posed by Dave Rubin, which talks about Pinocchio, is moving.
Like Carl Jung, Peterson drew on archetypes.

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