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Here are two contrasting reactions to my work: an earlier one, by the coach, mentor, compère and more, Dave Morgan, of, and a later, more profound one, by Rich Norman, who is the Editor in Chief of  :

Dave Morgan Interview.pdf --- Rich Norman advice.pdf

The quotes of other's can validate us, or lead our hunches further :

Whilst I don't propound the supernatural, it's fair to say many Catholics rank this book second after the Bible :

The Imitation of Christ by Thomas à Kempis

"Alter Ego" is a computer game from 1986. Invented by a PhD, it describes the entire life of an imaginary person, whose choices are all made by the player. There's scope to learn some things the "easy" way with it :

The link below is to a classic, if not virtuosic, Jordan B Peterson lecture/ video. From his Maps of Meaning series, here he deals with the 1940 Disney classic, Pinocchio. Investing in these ~25 minutes will repay you in "spades" :


This next YouTube video is just over 7 minutes long. I make no excuse for it featuring Jordan Peterson; again! I've lived, witness, and verified its contents. He uses the Peter Pan story this time, saying "choose your sacrifice" and as early as possible. It's exactly like the end of my 2015 poem, "Joe's second-hand testament", which I wrote years before discovering Peterson. We'd lost our only child, Rose Megan Holme. She was stillborn, and it led to me having a full-blown manic episode, when "Joe" was written. It's a relatively long poem for me; highly structured. The final ~1/14th of its structured form (see the previous link) goes thus -

Make an early decision

and hope that your luck holds out.


Risk your life

                        to have a life.


Accepted, there is some truth

in the Bible. Take a chance


because everything

                        is HYPE.


 * * *

June/July 2015 :

 * * *

"Molchat Doma" is a fairly recent band from Minsk that I'm proud to link :

The same band used words of the non-mainstream poet, the late Boris Ryzhy, in their "Sudno" number. I loave the exclusivity of mainstream poetry, and its creative writing degrees. Poetry is about conveying life, rather than catching butterflies in fields of wild flowers :

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