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A mental health review

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Here are some thoughts about long-term #mentalhealth

When I was much younger, I hit psychosis level, then 25 years later I was still not fully right. What? Is this a suggestion that we never fully recover from profound mental illness? It seems to me that maybe we never do so, at least not 100%. If only crystal balls could predict the future. However, we remain poorly with increased, and hopefully increasing, levels of life experience to ensure better choice making to come. Sadly, gaining from those experiences might have made a difference to us right from the start, and they suggest the adage, “Good judgement comes from experience. And experience? Well, that comes from poor judgement”. What a blow: we missed things early in life, and through a lottery like situation, others obviously didn’t?

Today, many young people complain about anxiety, as if it was unnatural to have any. However, after many years, and the profound ramifications of time, accepting similar neurotic symptoms, as if they’re residual, must become obligatory. Psychiatry and other interventions help to a degree, but there’s a point, however unfair and/or cruel, where acceptance, and some mental setbacks, pains, or discomforts have to coexist.

In other words, stop waiting for a “cure”; whatever that even is in the context of serious mental illnesses. But rather, help yourself by avoiding street drugs like cannabis, taking some exercise, having regular sleeping habits, eating well, avoiding alcohol, and being compliant with your medication, because any one of these can categorically improve things for you. If need be, a reduction in medication can be discussed with your doctor, but bear in mind, coming off some long-term treatments like lithium, can be dangerous.

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