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A spot of Facebooking

Updated: Feb 14

Having not uploaded a blog for three weeks, but realising I’d had a busy day on Facebook, I thought, no reason not to share some of that activity, hence this blog in the order the statuses were written.

Beginning in the small hours of Monday 17/07/23 and leading to those of the Tuesday after…….


It is 2:15am. There is nothing at all wrong with my left knee. I went on a 30-minute walk around 1:15am. I can't sleep now. My brain is insistent on thinking about non-existent problems with my left knee.

* * *

A clever young woman I noticed on a thread on here, reduced a Friedrich Nietzsche quote to her statement that it's, "just moral relativism. Nothing more." I'd not got a clue what she meant, but I'm pretty sure Nietzsche is highly respected, not least by Jordan Peterson, who is amongst the brightest of people in the world. Anyway, I asked her, "can you go beyond your cleverness?" She didn't get me...

* * *

The irony is that the conscientious are poorly and not working, and the “not my problem” brigade, are running everything #TheUK

* * *

Russia pulling out of a deal supporting world food security. Not WW3 at all, not one bit…

* * *

There's a point in a person's life, where they naturally dislike somebody, whilst feeling a bit troubled to do so, because they've no objective reason for it. It might feel a bit like being a racist, or a homophobe, but it's directed to an individual rather than a group. In time, it could be realised, that there's nothing wrong with that person, per se. The problem is that a feature of theirs, in their personality, their attitude, how they look, anything really; highlights a characteristic in the former person, they themselves dislike having. You can keep pushing people away, hoping no-one else on the planet, gives you the same reaction, but with getting on for eight billion around the globe, good luck with that, or you can find the humility to change yourself.

Just my rambling for the day...

* * *

Here are some places and situations, I can just about mention, that my severe mental illness has led me into. One of the features of bipolar 1 disorder, a profound illness, is the poor judgement/ risk taking behaviour of mania.

Mental hospital x 3

Jail cell x 2

Strip search x 2

Finger prints taken

Court x 2 (for and against)

Top of a Hulme tower block, with three complete and utter strangers, 2 black men and a street prostitute

Hospital, overdoses x 3

Shoplifting x 2

There're all sorts, but I'm getting a lot better now. Most of that stuff was a life or two ago.

* * *

I started a degree in Theology in 2006. I was experiencing some aloneness, because my first wife was fighting septicaemia in North Manchester General Hospital. That took her seven months in an Infectious Diseases isolation room. I visited her four hundred times. (I've had all manner of extreme life experiences, which lead me to write). Anyway, part of my coping back then, was The University of Wales at Lampeter's, distance learning course. I didn't get beyond one unit, but that one was about a fascination of mine, religious cults, or as they say, New Religious Movements (NRMs). I wrote two 1,500-word essays, which were marked. I think they both scored 55%. One was a general, what are NRMs? essay, and the other was about whether they brainwashed people. As it happened, Clare did the third one, 3000 words about the so-called New Age. It was a great essay, but only scored 40%. It was very radical, and a personal academic experiment. It could have been 40% or 70% with nothing in-between, so which one? She got her answer, you must conform and not be a maverick. Of course, I've taken that second part further, myself. BTW, my two essays are part of my prose, so they're in my EVERYTHING book, for example.

Why tell you this now? Well, I received this beautiful second-hand hardback copy of the pictured book today. I've known about it since the course, and it was published the same year, 2006. It is the number one world summary on this subject and incredibly compelling for me.

I thought this might interest someone.

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