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"Be kind", really?

Clearly, Jesus and others after him, have been saying "love one another", "peace", and "be kind", etc., for at least two millennia. If only life was that easy, and we could demand each other to be nice, and then they’d just have to do or be so.

Perhaps Dr Jordan Peterson's idea that we sort out our own "houses", and be responsible, rather than telling others to sort themselves out, is a better idea than any such personal obviation. I think my broad idea of individualism, overlaps with Peterson's responsibility mantra.

The stumbling block for the less active "camp", is the problem of who should be kind first, or do we all trace a path back to Calvary? Either way, in the twenty-twenties, I feel the temperature is getting hotter and hotter; both literally and figuratively. It doesn't seem to me that any attempted shaming of individuals, has any chance of solving any big, or ultimately world, problems, because it is controlling, lazy, and a self-righteous peculiarity, of a tiny global minority. They share the demographics of having relative lower ages, and a susceptibility to some more modern aspects of western culture.

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