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"Gift of the gab"? Gifts don't always match outcomes of working

Did you realise, that people who never seem to stop talking, don't necessarily have some kind of "gift" of the gab, and therefore, something that gets bestowed on some people but not others? Instead, some people have suffered the most profound periods of loneliness, and they eventually act. Through painful trial and error, they become communicators, but absolutely not egotistical ones, who might more likely, attract sycophants. Instead, if you choose to talk to this other type, you’ll discern them through your feelings of comfort and social solidarity, that are in a large part down to an avoidance of competition, and/or boastfulness. It's not rocket science, some people are mindful of how unattractive those negatives are, and others either aren’t, or they plain don’t care anyway.

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