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My wisdom in a flash, or the first post I made to my recently formed "exithell" Reddit community

I assert that "Hell" is on Earth, and the "Kingdom of Heaven", or let's say happiness, is within us all. So, all the love we need is already there. It's a choice away. Admittedly, many people have had such hardships in their lives, that it is very hard for them to ever believe there is any love at all. Religion is categorically not my thing, but I reference Jesus sometimes. I'm saying don't look for big answers outside of yourself, because it's down to a realisation of our uniqueness, and that suggests having NO labels, or practically speaking, trying to reject them and minimise their number, as best we can. Having none is a perfection. In an extreme, no-one was ever meant to be Elon Musk, Lady Gaga, or David Beckham, other than those same three. However, we're all able to be equally special, whilst equally opposite. No-one was meant to be you either, other than you in all your genuine uniqueness. That represents the best "deal on the table". It leads to things "clicking" more often, and the possibility of you attracting better people and things to yourself. I've written much more about and around this. My website helps. Daft as it sounds, I'm just suggesting be yourself, but; in a complex world with too many choices.

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