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Ordered quotes from the complete verse of Michael Holme

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

These quotes stem from twenty years of writing poetry, and they demonstrate increasing mental clarity, which ultimately led to the medium’s demise, because it insisted that more direct non-fiction had to take over.

Despite some chronological reordering of these fragments, the chosen presentation is designed to further strengthen the inner cohesion.

* * *

“The beat of a butterfly wing a hundred years ago could have changed everything.”

“I searched for it my entire life. Then I realised it had been there all along.”

“Make an early decision and hope that your luck holds out.”

“Acceptance dissolves ego.”

“Most of all, I am.”

“Denial of aloneness promotes control of masses.”

“We all end up being us, even if we are evil.”

“Risk your life to have a life.”

“They say, ‘feel the fear and try.’”

“I find a mirror when we grate.”

“Intelligence needs data, for fresh knowledge to emerge.”

“I saw a robin today. Surely it was God.”

“No two people are alike. We must all be messiahs.”

“It’s good to freely say ‘no.’ Opinions are respected.”

”Never gamble more than you’re prepared to lose.”

“Only compete with yourself. Everest is locally known to the plain and humble.”

“Pure trust is impossible without laying down your life.”

“Be aware that most folk act. They are not better than you. Be you. Honestly, be true. You are amazing. Just do.”

“What a blessing to live life without needing to begin.”

“Our pain in life is easily a strength.”

“Mad people are not mad. They saw truth once.”

“Projection of empty minds should remove paranoia.”

“He realised we grow at different rates. For some 20 is like 40, and many never grow up at all.”

“It's hard, but the ‘before-me’ bit has a name. It's called Hell.”

* * *

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