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The last word on creativity

Updated: Jan 19

I wrote this blog about creativity just now. It's important.

My greatest discovery, through having embarked on piano playing from 1989 until today, and by trying to write, from 1997 until today, was the realisation, that no-one is an artist, and no-one is creative. I'm neither a pianist nor a writer. I play the piano, and I write. The important point is that creativity is outside of us, and the more we involve ourselves in different so called artistic pursuits, then the greater the chance, that that outside creativity, has of channelling through us. Therefore, we facilitate creativity. We must never arrogantly think that we are creative, or worse still; artists. I definitely learned this from experience: 10,000 hours sat playing pianos, and around 5,000 hours writing.

There is an incredibly important consequence to this: I started playing the piano at 21 years of age. I play a lot of advanced music now, at least for a hobbyist. I could barely read and write when I started writing. About a week ago, I posted two of my prose books to a pen-friend in the US. He's a retired Professor of English and still an FRSL (Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, along with Barry Hines and Lynton Kwesi Johnson, and many more). I was 29 years old when I began painstakingly trying to write.

We are told we are a scientist, or a mechanic, or a data operative, or a cook. We believe it to be true because our childhoods dictated so. We may have gone to a school that failed us, because our parents couldn't pay for our education.

NO-ONE is a writer, or a painter, etc.; rather, an outside creativity is the artistic one. We just channel that energy; and the more time we dedicate to channelling it, then a numbers game is increasingly in play, that statistically gives greater chances, for greatness to occur; but it's between outside creativity and us, not us alone!


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