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The logic of now

According to some, anxiety is linked to fear of the future, which to a lesser or greater degree is unknown. Similarly, past regrets, mistakes, and loses, etc., may fuel depression.

For me, life is about continuity, threads, and focus.

This blog needn't be too long: there's only one logical point, but I first unashamedly bring in Jesus. I think John 15:13 is hugely important. It says, "No one has greater love than to give up one’s life for one’s friends." (CEB)

It might be foolish to read the Bible in anything but the most useful way, which I think is reached with a critical mass of some form.

Giving your life for your friends doesn't mean you physically die. It means you commit, like Colin Jellicoe did to his gallery, as the previous blog suggested; but at one day at a time. So, live for today, the moment, the now, as so many people tiresomely keep suggesting; me too.

The threads in your life, and continuity, might give an understanding, and even stability. It builds very slowly. So, take a choice and let it unfold, maybe through a relationship, religion, career, or vocation. Viewing an entire lifecycle is likely to cause stress. That's why many musicians learn instruments via a grade system of eight exams. It's a massive job. In fact, part of my path was learning piano from scratch at 21. After about seven years and around 4,000 hours practise, I passed grade eight with merit, and it took me en route to another part of my life, and there was a long way to go. It never ends.

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