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Two forms of self-sabotage

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

I'm going to tell you two very profound and important things in this piece. You may well already know them, but since no-one has told them to me, I'm guessing that I've been mixing with those that didn't know this, or they're not commonly spoken.

The first thing is that people are not especially creative, right? What I mean, in practical terms, is that people who engage in creative activity, are more likely to excel, because they are statistically more available, and receptive, when a greater than normal creative burst becomes facilitated. For example, you hear of writers having the muse. At other times they may complain of writer's block. They don't control it. I saw a YouTube video which featured Bob Dylan talking about his early lyrics. It referenced early albums, but particularly the song "It's Alright, Ma" from Bring It All Back Home. Seriously, google those lyrics. Bob plain did not know where some of those early lyrics came from, and admitted to the interviewer that it had gone, and he simply could not write like that now, but gosh, was he thankful he did at the time. So, this is the nature of creativity. And if you NEVER TRY, it will never fill you up. Love it and do it. I started writing in 1997, and piano playing in 1989, sometimes I've had a proper brush with it. Believe me. Don't be your own saboteur. At least give it a chance!

Number two is another thing you can self-sabotage. Look, Jesus Christ is in your life, if you live in a Judeo-Christian based culture. You simply cannot escape it. It's too basal, too fundamental. The behaviour of most half decent people is completely rooted in laws and attitudes stemming from the Bible. Think about it! However, most people think you must believe in the supernatural to be a Christian, or indeed a Jew. But they also place ghosts and vampires, or even the Loch Ness monster, in that camp, and they laugh at it.

This is my personal angle on it, and I will leave it at this. If religions did not involve supernatural gods with powers of executing miracles, do you think peasants, and tribe members, or forest dwellers, nomads, and what not, are going to buy the f****** words of some missionary type, telling them to pray, when their lives involve abject deprivation, disease, and persecution?

There's not a version of any religion for the poor, that involves a rewrite for the rich and smaller minority.

* * *

Leave that with you.

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